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CIMS Weekly Update, 1/27/19

posted Jan 27, 2019, 9:35 AM by Ryan Masciotra

Good evening, Corwin International families. This is Mrs. Masciotra with the weekly update. We have a very busy week, so please refer to this message in your email, on Facebook, or on our website for specifics throughout the week.

This week, we will have a spirit week for the great kindness challenge and the grand opening of our playground. While we are looking forward to staff and student personal expression this week, we are asking for your cooperation to ensure that student dress maintains within the district dress code and does not interfere with learning through the week. Jeans and non-uniform shoes are allowed this week. Students will not be permitted to wear clothing that is too tight fitting, clothing that is too revealing or has a hood, shoes that do not fully cover feet, and items on face, hair, and head. We appreciate your support.

On Monday, we will kick off the great kindness challenge with positive message shirts.

On Tuesday, it is twin/matching day. On Tuesday night, PTO will host our first Art Night at 5:30pm. Come and see performances from FIMS, CIMS, Dragon Dojo, and more and bid on artwork created by CIMS students and more! Concessions will be open and student vendors will be selling items as well.

Wednesday is dress for success day. Students are encouraged to dress in their best as we celebrate accomplishments from first semester. The 4th grade awards assembly is at 8:45am. The 5th grade awards assembly is at 9:45am. The 8th grade awards assembly is at 10:45am. The 6th grade awards assembly is at 12:30pm. The 7th grade awards assembly is at 1:15pm. At 2:30pm on Wednesday, we will have a ribbon cutting ceremony for our playground. We invite you to join us for these events.

Thursday is sports attire day - leading up to Super Bowl weekend.

The Great Kindness Challenge is the week of January 28th-31st. We want all families to participate. Your students will be participating through school with spirit days, student checklists, and other activities, but you can get your family involved too! Pick up or have your student pick up a family version of the Great Kindness Challenge Checklist from the office and complete the challenge together! Students can submit their completed checklists into the office on Monday, February 4th for student recognition. This week is inspiration for all of us to choose kind all year round.

Finally, newsletters for our MYP grades are attached to the email version of this message.

That concludes our announcements. Have a great evening.

6th Grade Newsletter: https://www.smore.com/v0hwd
7th Grade Newsletter: https://www.smore.com/u6st4
8th Grade Newsletter: https://www.smore.com/mz1r