Student Uniforms



Student Uniform:

CIMS requirements are based on student formal dress and the principle of dress for success. Also modesty, safety, and consistency of expectations for a learning environment are all promoted by this policy. Students are required to wear formal dress Monday through Thursday and can wear casual dress on Fridays. Our building has air conditioning and is very cool in winter as well. Students are encouraged to layer clothing and purchase uniform sweaters for the winter months.


This is not a comprehensive list and the school reserves the right to add additional parameters on student dress requirements as needed.


Monday-Thursday Uniform:




Not Allowed:

·         Solid white button up uniform shirt (short, cap, mid, long sleeve)

·         Pleats or darts are acceptable

·         Boys-Ties must be worn unless wearing a pullover sweater vest.

·         Girls-Bolo Ties or regular Ties

·         Ruffles on shirt or belted shirt

·         Colored pattern on shirt

·         All shirts must be tucked in except girls’ shirts that fall two inches below waist, which includes straight bottomed, v-design at the bottom, or tapered at the waist.

·         Girls-button-up shirts must button to the neck

·         Off white, antique white, or dingy colored shirts

·        Collarless shirts

·         Shirts which cannot be buttoned to the neck. (i.e. collars creating a “V look” on the bust)

·         White or black undershirt

·         Undershirts must not be visible

·         Any colored undershirt other than black or white

·         Girls-Black, khaki, or tan uniform cardigan

·         Hooded sweater, vest, or sweatshirt

·         Boys-Black uniform pullover sweater vest with the CIMS crest (without tie)

·         Non-uniformed sweater vest or sweater (such as one purchased in a department store with frills, lace, or cut-outs)

·         Black or khaki blazer with the CIMS crest

·         Tight fitting clothing which is too small to move comfortably





Not Allowed:

·         Khaki, or black trouser pants

·         Khaki, or black Capri pants

·         Khaki, or black walking shorts

·         Khaki, black, or school color plaid skirt

·         Khaki, black, or school color plaid jumper

·         Shorts, skorts, and skirts can be worn without leggings and tights through October and starting again in April.

·         Skinny pants (must not hug legs)

·         Low-rise waists

·         Cargo pants/shorts (pockets on sides)

·         Jean material

·         Short skirts or shorts (must be no shorter than 2” above knee area)

·         Pants with pocket detailing

·         Pants or skirts with visible designer label

·         Belts that hang or are too big







Not Allowed:

·         Solid black or brown dress shoes

·         Any other color of canvas shoe (sneaker/athletic)

·         Solid black or white athletic or canvas shoes

·         Small amounts of white or black accents on athletic shoes

·         Boots, sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, clogs, or crocks


·         Solid colored white, khaki, or black socks or tights

·         Small logos in white or black on socks

·         Any other colored socks

·         Black, white, khaki, or brown shoestrings

·         Any other colored shoestrings


Casual Friday Uniform:





Not Allowed:

·         Polo shirt with the CIMS crest (black, white, khaki, or gold) in short or long sleeve


·         Polo shirt of any other color

·         Uniform for Monday- Thursday

·         See not allowed on Monday-Thursday





Not Allowed:

·         Same as Monday Through Thursday

·         Same as Monday Through Thursday





Not Allowed:

·         Same as Monday Through Thursday

·         Same as Monday Through Thursday




Not Allowed:

·         No tie required for casual dress days

·         See formal uniform policy


Ø  Students are required to wear uniforms for any type of school event and while on school grounds. Students should remain in complete uniform after the school day has ended until leaving the CIMS campus.

Ø  During Intersession periods, students may wear their Friday casual uniforms each day.

Ø  Club Shirt Fridays:  The principal will designate Fridays when club shirts will be permitted.  In this case, students participating in any athletic team or club may wear a team/club sport.  Uniform bottoms will still apply.

Accessories and Extraneous Attire:

The list below is not all inclusive. Any attire or adornment designating a student with a group will need to be removed. As trends develop, the school reserves the right to address any accessory, hair style or element as needed. The building administrator has final say in determining whether the dress of students adhere to the CIMS uniform policy.


The following are not permitted in school:

          Makeup, such as eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, lipstick (This includes after school and at official school events.)

          Excessive mascara and foundation

          Unnatural hair color

          Large hoop earrings more than 1.5”

          Facial piercings of any kind

          Decorated head bands, feathers, or other hair adornments (including personalized haircuts such as mohawks and shaved designs) that would be distracting to the learning environment

          Excessive or items that detract from the uniform look of the school uniform such as but not limited to: jewelry, bracelets, hair adornment and necklaces (Three items total is a general guideline.)

          Any style of arrangement of clothing or accessories that identifies students with a particular group

          Colored socks

          Colors, or accessories under or on any part of the uniform

          Any other clothing or accessory considered distracting to learning by the school staff (Colored shoes laces, striped socks, etc…)

          The CIMS staff reserves the right to restrict student dress and carrying of personal items as needed.


Other uniform restrictions include:

          Hats, hoods, hooded sweatshirts, kerchiefs, gloves, sunglasses, and other outdoor items may be worn to school but may not be worn inside the building. Coats must be placed in lockers. They may be worn during recess when the weather makes them necessary. Baseball-style caps must have the bill facing forward. Hats must be worn straight on the head and not tilted.

          Coats are not to be worn during class time. Uniform sweaters and blazers are allowed.

          Shorts and other spring/summer clothing are not appropriate for winter. Summer-type clothing can be worn after the Spring Intersession and before the Fall Intersession.  

          All student uniform polo shirts and sweaters are required to have the CIMS logo.