Student Community Service Requirement 2016-2017

What is the student requirement for community service?

  • Community service and action are a large part of being an IB student and a student of the world.

  • There are lots of ways to take action, raising money is just one.

  • This year instead of “logging” community service hours, each student will be required to take action once using the following process:

How do I enter the Monthly Service as Action Contest?
Step 1: Get inspired!
Choose one topic from the year that inspires them to do something, this could be from advisory but it doesn’t have to be…
Step 2: Get started!
Once you have inspiration, fill out a service as action proposal form from the IB office (These are designed to help you understand HOW to get started)…
Step 3: Get Going!
Find a staff sponsor and put your plan into action…
(For August, your video submission can be turned in through your staff sponsor)
Step 4: Get Reflecting!
Look back at your experience and reflect on what they did by completing the Service as Action Reflection Form…
As soon as your reflection is submitted you will automatically be entered into a drawing for that month's Service a Action Prize!