September Advisory: International Peace Day

International Peace Day was a HUGE Success! The entire student body worked together to capture this amazing aerial footage, in addition to decorating our school with symbolic peace art, raising awareness by wearing their bandanas, and promoting peace throughout the day! Kudos to everyone for Making a Place in Space for Peace!
Click Here to see the video from the day!

Check out the Peace One Day Facebook page to see their 
Live Broadcast on September 21st!

Wednesday, September 7th

Today, we are going to introduce the topic of the International Day of Peace and If you are not familiar with the International Day of Peace every September 21st, I encourage you to check out the website and get some background on the founder Jeremy Gilley.

Today, you are going to watch an introduction video from the Peace One Day website.

YouTube Video

This video is just a short intro. to the day and how it started.

After you watch the video, check out, specifically, the “get involved”, “education”, and “events” section. What are others doing to mark the day?

Then, make a plan for how you can take action this year in the name of peace.

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas as a class. Some examples of activities we have done in the past are: chalking the courtyard, making peace pinwheels, google doodles, etc. The ideas have to meet the following criteria.

  • Has to be something the whole school can do

  • Has to be done in about 30 minutes

  • Purpose should be to mark Peace Day

Step 2: Complete a Service as Action Proposal Form as a class. Each advisory class will submit 1 proposal form and one will be selected for the whole school to participate in.

Step 3: Look for details about the winning proposal for September 21st.

Monday, September 12th

Today, we are going to look a little closer at the founder of Peace One Day, Jeremy Gilley.

Let’s watch this video to learn a little more about his journey.

YouTube Video

In writing, answer one of the following questions: (Use aces to support your answers!)

How does Jeremy Gilley represent the idea of The Power of One?

What events led to Jeremy Gilley changing the world?

Jeremy Gilley used film as a way to make an impact because it was what he already knew how to do, what do you already do that you could use to make an impact on your community?

Wednesday, September 14th

For the next two days, let’s shift the focus from making a global impact to making a personal and local impact. In one of his videos, Jeremy Gilley states that 97% of the world’s violence is in the form of violence in our homes, schools, and local communities. 3% of the world violence is in the form of war and armed conflict. That means that one of the greatest impacts an individual can have is to learn how to effectively manage conflict on a personal level. Participate in the activities in class today and ask yourself, How can I manage my own personal conflict?

Monday, September 19th
Today, in preparation for International Peace Day on Wednesday, Each class is going to create 7- 8 peace panels for the windows in their classrooms. Each team in your class will make a rectangular panel (About 35 x 43 for the standard classroom panels) with peace messages, artwork, etc. to display from the inside out in the window panels in each advisory classroom. (Thanks to Mr. Mikasa’s class for submitting the idea!)

Wednesday September 21st!

It’s International Peace Day!

We will be taking an aerial photograph of the entire school in the shape of a peace symbol. Please stay tuned for all the details! (Thanks to Mrs. Alexander’s advisory class for the idea)

Wednesday September 21st 8:00 am - 8:37 am:

Whole school aerial photo in the shape of a peace sign

Purchase a tie dye bandana to wear during the photo!

Bandanas will be sold for $2 at lunch recess

Tuesday Sept. 13th-Friday Sept. 16th


 22" x 22" Multi Color Tie-Dye Bandana

(Bandanas pictured above)

*Bandanas can be worn as scarves or armbands for the rest of the school day.


Monday, September 26th

Fill out the MYP Service as Action Reflection Form located under the Student Community Service tab on the CIMS website. If you did not put your service plan into action, reflect on the activities you participated in through advisory (The conflict resolution activity, the writing prompt about Jeremy Gilley, etc.)

Wednesday, September 28th

Today, you are going to look at the ATL (Approaches to Teaching and Learning) skills you have been focusing on during your Friday reflections. You are going to complete a self assessment of these skills and come up with strategies for improvement. Keep these in your advisory folders.