May: Health Awareness

In conjunction with Health and Cancer Awareness month, CIMS will be participating in Pennies for Patients through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You will be collecting pennies as an advisory and/or homeroom class but you can also set up a class or individual donation page through our school donation webpage. If you want to get a jump start on Pennies for Patients, check out our school giving page. More details will be provided in advisory class

Want to get even more involved in raising money and awareness for cancer research? Check out the Relay for Life event through Jr. Key Club and the American Cancer Society. We will be decorating luminary bags for the event on June 9th at the Health Fair on May 31st. If you want to order luminaria bags check out the order form here!

May Advisory Activities

Monday May 1st:

Happy May! This month is health awareness month and this year we are going to focus on cancer awareness. This Friday, you are going to choose a type of cancer to research and you can wear jeans and the color shirt of the cancer you chose. Use this link to learn which cancers are represented by each color. If the type of cancer you know you want to research is not there, try a google search, it might have it’s own color. Take 5-10 minutes to look over the list and choose the cancer and color you want to raise awareness about.

Today, you are going to start learning about Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes written by Eleanor Coerr. Sadako was a real girl who lived in Japan at the end of World War II. Read this background information about Sadako and the story.

When you are finished reading the background about Sadako, discuss the following question in teams:

What is the purpose of a symbol? What does the symbol of the crane stand for?

Tuesday May 2nd:


Class Meeting for 8th Grade in the auditorium

Wednesday May 3rd:

On Monday you read the background information about Sadako Sasaki, today you and your class are going to read the story out loud. It is a short story but you will probably need today and tomorrow to finish it. Here is the pdf version so you can follow along while your teacher reads out loud.

Thursday May 4th:

Finish the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.

Friday May 5th:


Don’t forget to wear your shirt for cancer awareness.

Monday May 8th:

Last week you read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes as a class. Today, you are going to learn how and practice making paper cranes. Using this instruction sheet, fold one or two paper cranes. Today is practice, you will fold one or two more on Wednesday that will be included in an art installation in the school.

To finish up today’s lesson, discuss the story. What questions do you have? Do you admire Sadako? Why do you think her story has inspired so many to become peacemakers? Brainstorm ways you can be a peacemaker like Sadako.

Last month, through the No Bully initiative, you were asked to envision a school without hurting or bullying, how can the story of Sadako be applied to the way you treat others here at school? Your exit ticket is one thing you can do to be a peacemaker at school.

Interested in being more involved in peacemaking at CIMS? talk to one of our school counselors. We are looking for students to participate in a school and district wide peace summit through the No Bully Initiative.

Tuesday May 9th:


Class Meeting for 6th and 7th Grade in the auditorium

Wednesday May 10th:

Today, we are going to wrap up the Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes lesson. Before you fold your paper crane today, write the way you are going to be like Sadako on your origami paper. Then fold your crane and turn it into be used in the art installation.

Reflection question:

Sadako's friend tells her of a Japanese legend which holds that folding a thousand paper cranes will bring good fortune -- any wish will come true if you fold a thousand of them. As a school, our goal is to fold a thousand paper cranes, what would you wish for our school?

Thursday May 11th:

Now that you have read all about Sadako, we are going to transition and talk about World Health Day on May 31st. World Health Day is the final activity for Health Awareness month. This year, you will see some health related presentations and check out our Health Fair on the afternoon of the 31st. If some of the things you are learning about here inspire you to want to take more action, we are looking for some students to host informational booths on health related topics at the health fair on May 31st. If this sounds like something you want to do, here’s how:

Step 1: Gather together a group of 2-4 students who want to be involved.

Step 2: Make some decisions:

  • What topic do you want to present to students?

    • Information about a certain topic like nutrition or fitness

    • Activity like the smile nation selfie booth from last year

  • How do you want to present the information

    • Hand out pamphlets

    • Perform a skit

    • Have students participate in an activity like fitness exercises or role playing activities

Step 3: Put together a proposal. Write or type up your ideas and your plan for your booth and turn them into the office. The office will be in touch with more details if your group is chosen to host a booth.

Want to help out with a booth in honor of Sadako? Talk to Mrs. Pate or one of the counselors. We are looking for 2-4 students to host a booth for folding paper cranes in honor of Sadako as our school peace summit.

Monday May 15th:

Today we are going to start our cancer awareness research. Today, you are going to learn about the Pennies For Patients Fundraiser that the school is participating in for the next two weeks. On Wednesday, you are going to learn about blood cancers and next week you are going to do some research on the cancer you chose to raise awareness about at the beginning of the month.

First let’s watch this video about the student series from LLS. If you can’t access youtube, try this link to watch it directly from the LLS website. The video is called, Register for the Student Series and Save Lives. It is the second video on the page.

As a school, we have:

  • School donation page - You can set up a classroom or student page from here if you want.

  • Classroom donation boxes for cash

As a class you will have:

  • A penny/cash collection box in your room

  • An (optional) class fundraising page that you can set up from the School donation page - As a class you will need to decide together if you want to take this step

  • A class poster to track your collection progress

Take the next few minutes to set up your progress poster and donation box and discuss how much your advisory wants to do to participate.

Wednesday May 17th:

Today you are going to watch a series a four videos from the LLS Foundation about kids with blood cancers. They are going to describe aspects of their experience. Remember that hearing someone’s perspective going through an illness like cancer can be emotional and it’s okay if you are feeling empathetic or emotional for the kids in the videos.

What are your reactions to hearing and seeing the experience of kids with blood cancer? What does it make you feel? Does it make you want to take action and do something? Remember that action isn’t always raising money. Learning more about cancer and sharing that with others is also a form of action. Spread the word, and keep up with the Pennies for Patients fundraiser. Supporting LLS is another way make a difference!

Monday May 22nd

This week, you are going to research the type of cancer you chose on May 1st. When presenting the video series about blood cancers, LLS put together 4 topics: What is cancer? How can you help? How is it treated? And What are the side effects? You can conduct your research using a similar breakdown of topics, or, you can choose to research other information. Before you start your research, make a list of the information you think is most important to present to others to raise awareness about the type of cancer you chose. Ask yourself, what should I share with others that will make them want to get up and help out too?

This is some information provided from and about the American Cancer Society who put on the Relay for Life fundraiser. Check out some of the info. here. It might help you to direct your research and the American Cancer Society is a great place to start for information about cancer.

Once you have decided what is most important, choose how you are going to present your information. One way would be to create a PowerPoint slide or two about your topic. If you create this, share it with and we can create a slideshow for the TV’s in the intersection. If you choose some other way to present your information, a video, a poster, etc. ask your advisory teacher for ideas about how to put it up or present it to more people. Consider hosting a booth at Health Day to really get the word out!

You will have the rest of the day today and Wednesday to complete your research and your slides or other presentation for your topic.

Wednesday May 24th

Complete the activity you started on Monday and then...

Wednesday May 31st is World Health Day. Today you will have a chance to choose from 1 of 5 presentations to participate in on Wednesday. In each advisory class, the teachers will share the topics with you and you will ask your advisory teacher to sign you up for the one you would like to go to. Teachers will have a live document that they can add your name to. Once a topic fills up, it is full! You will be attending at least one presentation on Wednesday in addition to the health fair.