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Weekly Update 5/5/14

posted May 4, 2014, 7:27 PM by Julie Shue   [ updated May 4, 2014, 7:27 PM by Renee Hahn ]

Weekly Update 

CMASS testing has been concluded. 100% of our students were able to complete testing.  Next year students will take technology based state tests in March and the remaining assessments in April. We are proud of our students and look forward to hearing the results of these new state assessments.

Last Friday students from CIMS participated in a special day of service learning.  Each grade level had different activities.  Some included hearing guest speakers form the community, creating various products promoting the environment, learning about Lake Minnequa and other service learning.  As our IB curriculum progresses, your child will have more frequent opportunities to explore service learning that is tied to the IB curriculum.

Does your child have a cell phone with a data plan?  Did you know that over a million students reported being bullied over social media in 2011?  Most parents would never drop their kids off in downtown Denver without an adult to monitor and keep their child safe.  Monitoring your child’s social media is the same as keeping them safe in the real world.  Kids whose friends know their parents check their cell phones regularly are far less likely to be bullied through social media.  Your kids need your support to stay safe in the digital world as much as they do in the real world.

 On Tuesday there will be a uniform exchange event at 5 p.m. and a PTO meeting at 6:30 p.m. 

This Week:

Monday- 5/5/14

Tuesday- 5/6/14  /4th Graders-Water Festival Day Trip /5 p.m. Uniform Exchange/ PTO Meeting 6:30 /

Wednesday- 5/7/14  /5:30p.m. World Travel Club Meeting/ 7p.m. String Concert/

Thursday 5/8/14  7p.m. Band Concert

Friday- 5/9/14

Saturday 5/10/14- Music in the Parks


Next Week: 

Monday- 5/12/14

Tuesday- 5/13/14

Wednesday- 5/14/14

Thursday 5/15/14- Parent Coordinators Meeting 6p.m. Hours count 2x for 2014-15

Friday- 5/16/14