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Weekly Update: 2/5/17

posted Feb 3, 2017, 3:32 PM by
Good evening. This is Sulema James, Principal of Corwin International Magnet School, with your weekly announcements:

1. As a reminder, students should not be entering the building by the office in the mornings unless they are with a parent who has office business.  Students should only be entering the building at the following locations: Lakeview (Cyber cafe area), Lakeview (Art/Gym area), or the Courtyard (the loop). On a regular weather day, students should immediately report to the cafeteria for breakfast or the courtyard only.  On red flag days, PYP students should report to the cafeteria for breakfast or auditorium and MYP students should report to the cafeteria for breakfast or the Auxillary Gym.

2.  Unfortunately, we are continuing to experience issues with parents dropping off and picking up students from the staff parking lot.  This is a danger to students as well as staff. Beginning on Monday, the staff parking lot will be restricted and chained at certain times of the day. Please use the loop and help us keep kids safe.

3.  Join this month's PTO meeting on Tuesday, February 7th from 6:00pm-7:00pm and be a part of the great things that are happening at CIMS.

4.  The MYP Valentine's Day Dance will be this Friday, February 10th, from 1:30pm-3:00pm.  The cost is $5.00.  There will be a concession stand and photobooth so remember to bring extra money. The DJ for the dance will be REV 89.5. Parents, please pick up your student from the dance promptly at 3:00pm.  Students who exit the building during the dance will not be allowed back in.

5.  PTO will be selling Valentine's Day grams at lunch this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Students will receive the forms from their advisory teachers.  Valentine's Day grams will be $1 each.

6.  Parents of 8th grade students, please remember to attend at least one of the high school parent nights.  The details are posted on the district website.  Flyers were sent home with students last week.  

7.  High School Choice forms were sent home with 8th grade students last week.  Please be sure to complete the form, sign it and return it to school by March 3rd.  It is important we know which high school your student will be attending.

8.  High schools will be at CIMS on March 13th to complete student schedules for 9th grade.  More details will be shared soon.

9.  Remember that if your student will not be attending their neighborhood school you will need to complete the school of choice application by March 1st located on the district web site.

10.  Please turn in your letters of intent to return to CIMS for the 17-18 school year.

This concludes your announcements.  Thank you and have a great week!