Current Units of Inquiry for 5th Grade

 Themes for  
5th Grade  
 Who We Are
4/18 to 5/27
 Where We Are in Place and Time
1/25 to 3/4
How We Express Ourselves
8/17 to 9/25

 How the World Works
9/28 to 11/20
 How We Organize Ourselves
11/30 to 1/22
 Sharing the Planet
5/27 to 6/3
 Unit TitleThe Exhibition-The Power of OneCaptured in TimeOnce Upon a Time...GeographyConstitutional GovernmentPeace and Conflict Resolution
 Central IdeaWithin each person lies the ability to make positive change in the world.Documenting history allows us to reflect and understand the changes that have taken us to the present.Beliefs, values, and attitudes are passed down through traditional literature.Geography impacts people's cultures.Governments with constitutions are organized in a way to divide powers so that individual rights and freedoms are protected.

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 Lines of Inquiry
  • Ways people can impact society
  • Identifying problems or areas where change is needed
Developing inferential skills needed for artifact analysis and investigative processes

Identifying social norms and mores' of a time period and acknowledging one's own preconceived ideas

Ways that history is documented
Stories help explain nature

Stories are used to define and demonstrate values

Similarities in morals across cultures
People study Earth to discover where things are located and why they are there.

Geography impacts people's lives.

Geography helps us understand why no two cultures are
exactly the same.
Countries structure their forms of government through various models

Citizens in different countries have  different rights and different responsibilities

 Key Concepts
All essential elements of the PYP will be implemented and reflected on by the students.

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